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At Lucky-E Kennel we believe that training is the foundation of a happy life together for both dogs and their owners. Dogs are happiest and most secure when their rules and boundaries are clearly defined. Owners are happiest when their dogs observe those rules and boundaries willingly and dependably.  Our instructors provide owners with the skills, guidance and tools needed to accomplish this goal. We offer a variety of classes structured to address all levels of training from basic puppy manners to advanced performance competition.  Our instructors are highly qualified, experienced individuals  well-versed in matters pertaining to the health, behavior, and management of all breeds of dogs. Our intent is to make training an effective and enjoyable experience for owners and their canine companions. Our methods, tools, and approach are designed to yield maximum results.
PUPPY I AND II Puppies 9 weeks to 5 months old In order for puppies to realize their full potential as valued family members it is crucial that training begin at an early age. Puppy classes offer owners the opportunity to begin the training process in ways very young puppies are capable of understanding.  Socialization, basic manners and simple commands are included in the curriculum. Challenges associated with puppy behavior are also addressed. Puppy II is a continuation of Puppy I.
BEGINNING Dogs 6 months old and up  Appropriate for young dogs with some or little previous training.  Owners are taught proper leash handling, and various techniques valuable in establishing control of their dogs.  Basic commands are taught as well as slightly more advanced exercises useful in teaching dogs mannerly behavior. All work is on leash. Advice in addressing behavior and/or temperament issues is offered. This class is recommended for owners of dogs of any age adopted from shelters: training generates a bond between owner and dog and offers adopted dogs direction they may have lacked previously.
INTERMEDIATE Follows Beginning Class.  Appropriate for dogs with some prior training. Involves fine-tuning basic obedience exercises as well as further establishing  the leadership role of the owner.  The Intermediate Class is somewhat less structured than the Beginning Class as it is tailored for dogs and owners at various levels of skill and training. Recommended as a prelude to off-leash work.
 AGILITY Fun and rewarding classes for owners and dogs that have completed a Beginning Course. Agility exercises are taught in preparation for competition or just as an enjoyable training experience.
Pre-registration recommended for all classes. Call 815-653-9016 to determine the most appropriate class for you and your dog. Guest trainers welcome. Call for rates.